Many years of our glorious history

in trading traditional electric actuators


with our extensive knowledge

"success" is based on the experienced professional and the customer-oriented services.


We have changed the tradition

a new leather was being creating: Fast Speed, High Precision, Long Life, Energy Conservation...

Chemsun Europe GmbH is ACTUATORS specialist. CHEMSUN has proven expertise in applying new technologies in the automation of valves to bring enhanced performance innovative features. For the exacting of process control, specifically continuous modulating control valve applications, CHEMSUN have traded a range of control valve actuators that are unique in the industry and provide perfect solutions to many technological conditions control issues.

CHEMSUN products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, steel, non-ferrous metals, power, HVAC, pharmaceuticals industry, etc.  We also cooperate with SAMSON, CHEMVALVE-SCHMID and other professional European valve manufacturers for a long time, and work together to meet customer demand for various process control conditions.