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Unique Features:

  • Electrically powered, 24VDC, 24V/110V/230/400V AC
  • High resolution and repeatability, 0.1% transducer sensitivity, ≤0.3% actuator accuracy
  • Selecting valve position when power fail, FC/FO/FL/Any Position
  • Plane tary drive, and Hand wheel without clutch
  • DC brushless Motor, This allows maintenance free operation with continuous unrestricted modulation duty
  • Characteristic selecting, Linear/Equal percent/Quick open/Self-definition
  • Integrated Working condition PID control circuit
  • Wiring, programming terminal compartment, Main engine and driving room, Separate, double-sealed
  • Watertight IP68 and explosion-proof enclosures
  • Non-intrusive setup/calibration using Bluetooth
  • Optional bus interfaces available
  • With or without Ex.

Single-acting Piston Type PTS:

Double-acting Piston Type PTD:

  • Air torque actuator available in double acting (PTD) or spring return (PTS) versions
  • Are also available in many sizes and spring ranges
  • Will provide a constant torque even under high load due to the rack and pinion configuration

Single-acting Spring-diaphragm Type STS:

  • single-acting rotary actuator
  • Diaphragm areas 160, 320 cm²
  • Rated angle up to 90°

Single-acting Spring-diaphragm Actuatots Type3271:

  • Single-acting linear actuator
  • Diaphragm areas 60 to 2800 cm²
  • Rated travel 7.5 to 120 mm

Single-acting Spring-diaphragm Actuatots Type3277:

  • single-acting linear actuator for integral positioned attachment
  • Diaphragm areas 120 to 700 cm²
  • Rated travel 7.5 to 30 mm

Double-acting Piston Type 3275:

  • Double-acting linear actuator
  • Diaphragm areas 314 / 490 / 804 cm²
  • Rated travel 15 to 30 mm

Digital Smart Positioner Type 3730-3:

  • Linear- and rotary actuators
  • Input 4 – 20 Ma, analog feedback 4 – 20 mA
  • Mounting position free selectable
  • Upside / upside down display (Display turnable 180º)
  • Load < 300 Ω
  • 90 ln/h air
  • Protection IP 65 / 66
  • Manual /parameter list on board

Normal Positioner Type 4763:

  • Pneumatic
  • Electropneumatic
  • NAMUR attachment
  • Single-acting
  • Pressure gauge connection

Solenoid valve Type SNMC532:

  • 3/2-, 5/2-,5/3-way amplifier c
  • Flapper/nozzle pilot operated
  • NAMUR attachment
  • Exd / Exia

Limit Switch Type AT-210:

  • for linear or rotary 3/2-, 5/2-, 5/3-way amplifier
  • with solenoid valve Flapper/nozzle pilot operated
  • NAMUR attachment


  • Setting the single seat control valve, ball valve and butterfly valve advantages as a whole
  • The valve has a large flow capacity, when the valve is fully opened, the inner cavity of the valve flow path is almost identical with the inner diameter of the process pipe
  • V-Ball Control valve can be used in various working medium, especially viscous fluid, the control effect is more ideal
  • When the valve in the small opening, the flow changes smoothly, accurate control
  • A lot of use in the chemical / HVAC / Paper / Food / Petrochemical / and more industry
  • Nominal Size DN25 to 600 (NPS 1 to 24)
  • Nominal Pressure PN 10/16/25/40/63 bar (ANSI 150/300Lb)
  • Metal- or soft-seated
  • Metal-seated Seal level can reach Class V
  • Sandwich or Flanged
  • High turn down ratio 200:1


  • Valve body made of stainless steel 1.4408/A351 CF8M or WN1.4308/A351CF8 or WN1.0619/A216WCC
  • Seat ring live-loaded on one side or with floating ball
  • Exchangeable bore seal
  • On/off service with leakage rate A according to DIN EN 12266-1, bubble-tight version
  • Shaft sealed by a self-adjusting PTFE V-ring packing, loaded by spring washers, requiring no maintenance.
  • Blowout-proof shaft made of 1.4462, TA Luft
  • DIN face-to-face dimensions according to EN 558 or DIN EN 1092;and thread connecting mode 1-piece and 3-piece
  • ANSI face-to-face dimensions according to ASME B16.10-2000
  • Connecting flange for actuators according to DIN ISO 5211
  • Double body seal system

Electronic Controllers

Pneumatic Controllers


Module software automation system