Chemsun Europe GmbH

Electric Actuators List

Unique Features:

  • Electrically powered, 24VDC, 24V/110V/230/400V AC
  • High resolution and repeatability, 0.1% transducer sensitivity, ≤0.3% actuator accuracy
  • Selecting valve position when power fail, FC/FO/FL/Any Position
  • Plane tary drive, and Hand wheel without clutch
  • DC brushless Motor, This allows maintenance free operation with continuous unrestricted modulation duty
  • Characteristic selecting, Linear/Equal percent/Quick open/Self-definition
  • Integrated Working condition PID control circuit
  • Wiring, programming terminal compartment, Main engine and driving room, Separate, double-sealed
  • Watertight IP68 and explosion-proof enclosures
  • Non-intrusive setup/calibration using Bluetooth
  • Optional bus interfaces available
  • With or without Ex.