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Pneumatic Actuators List


  • Setting the single seat control valve, ball valve and butterfly valve advantages as a whole
  • The valve has a large flow capacity, when the valve is fully opened, the inner cavity of the valve flow path is almost identical with the inner diameter of the process pipe
  • V-Ball Control valve can be used in various working medium, especially viscous fluid, the control effect is more ideal
  • When the valve in the small opening, the flow changes smoothly, accurate control
  • A lot of use in the chemical / HVAC / Paper / Food / Petrochemical / and more industry
  • Nominal Size DN25 to 600 (NPS 1 to 24)
  • Nominal Pressure PN 10/16/25/40/63 bar (ANSI 150/300Lb)
  • Metal- or soft-seated
  • Metal-seated Seal level can reach Class V
  • Sandwich or Flanged
  • High turn down ratio 200:1